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The pleasure and passion of the table.

Amore Mio Aperitivo

Vicario Artichoke Liqueur

Vicario Coffee Liqueur

Vicario Dragoncello Liqueur

Vicario Herba Luisa Liqueur

Vicario Olive Leaf Liqueur

Vicario Licorice Liqueur

Vicario Mirto Liqueur

Vicario Monks Secret Liqueur

Vicario NocinoWalnut Liqueur

Vicario Orange Liqueur

Vicario Quina Liqueur

Vicario Quintessence Liqueur

Vicario SavageCherry Liqueur

Vicario Sorcerer's Song

Estate grown artichokes and leaves are the main ingredients in this amaro, and are harvested by hand from either our farm in Greer, SC or coming from our family owned farm at Villa Sant'Andrea in Cortona Italy. As of spring 2018, we use exclusively artichokes ( Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus and cardoons (Cynara cardunculus) grown on the farm, just behind the distillery in Greer, South Carolina. Gently spiced and aged in oak in South Carolina, our artichokes create an extremely interesting liqueur. 

Cynarine, the biologically active chemical constituent of artichoke, Cynara cardunculus, is an ester formed from quinic acid (think of the flavors in cinchona bark or coffee beans), and two units of caffeic acid, unrelated to caffeine, (think of the aroma of eucalyptus, thyme, sage and spearmint).

Prepared for the acute enthusiast Vicario Black Labeled Liqueurs indicate the most indispensable ingredients, above all, the ingredient of time to age to perfection.

Artichoke leaves bring a floral, and grassy flavor that dissipates into a persuasive bitterness in this deeply delightful liqueur.

Sweetened with both organic sugar and single nectar Cardoon Honey when the bees on our farm cooperate, this complex amaro may be served as an aperitif on its own or with soda, but has a deep, determined place with cocktails. 

Wholesale Distribution Partners

SC LKN Distributors, Contact Robert Ageenko. (704) 287-2085

NY, NJ and CT and CA through Skurnik Wines. (212) 273-9463

GA contact National Distributing. Jeff Hagley (404) 696-9440

AZ contact Hensley Beverage Company/Quench Fine Wines and Spirits Daniel Dillon (623)245-7989