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The pleasure and passion of the table.

Sangiovese/ Cab. Sauvignon





2013 Vintage D.O.C. Cortona

The Sangiovese grapes are tended and picked by hand, watered by nature, and warmed by the Tuscan sunshine. In the cellar, Renato Vicario oversees all operations, as with all our wines, maintaining the most natural manner of wine making.


Our I.G.T. Super-Tuscan, a blend of Sangiovese, the signature red wine grape of Tuscany, with Cabernet Sauvignon, probably the most famous red wine grape variety on Earth create fresh aromas that show off this wine’s attractive and distinctive personality.

70% Sangiovese-30% Cabernet Sauvignon



Sangiovese, whose name derives from the Latin for the "blood of Jove", is Italy's most widely planted variety and particularly the signature red wine grape of Tuscany, where it is believed it originated. In Villa is our only wine aged in oak.

Non-toasted Slovenian Oak, large barrel.




2013 Vintage  

Grapes grown to produce Vicario Wines, are certified Bio-Vegan. No animals were used in growing our grapes for fertilizers or any other purpose, nor were any animal by-products used in creating VICARIO all natural wines. 

2013 Vintage – 100% Merlot Region: DOC Cortona area, Tuscany, Italy Alcohol: 14.5% Varietal: Merlot. It produces wines that are purple colored full in body with high alcohol and lush, velvety tannins with intense, plum and cassis, black cherries, blackberry, boysenberry, and mulberry fruit. Known for being round, ripe and elegant, Merlots can continue to develop in the bottle for decades.

Harvesting: Harvested in late September.

Winemaking: Grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks without the addition of sulfites or extraneous yeasts. The natural alcoholic fermentation of the must followed over a span of 40-45 days with daily delicate pump-over and a naturally occurring maximum temperature of 28°C. The free-run wine was pumped off into stainless steel tanks. Full malolactic fermentation did not naturally occur until the spring, giving the wine more time for good color, aromatic and tannic extraction. Tasting Notes: Deep purple with black cherry, cassis and mulberry aromas. Rich taste with soft tannins, delivering persistent black-fruit flavors with consistent acidity and a lingering finish. Food Pairings: Serve with every day fare, or drink on its own.

Even if you are not a practicing Vegan, you can be assured there are no egg whites, or fish products (typically used), in the filtering and clarification process. No animal products, including manure were used on our grapes. Instead, we use cover crops, mulching and composting for fertilizing and healthy soil. Our vineyards are certified by the European Union as Biological, and pending official certified Vegan by the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) in Bologna, Italy.

VICARIO-protecting the earth for future generations.

Why do we certify Vegan?

For many reasons, but, mostly for our customers who want to know what they are purchasing that is not required by label laws, due to ethical reasons, environmental reasons, or allergy and health related reasons.

Questions? Please ask us.

What does BIO-VEGAN mean?

Grapes used in wine production are biologically produced, and further:

Do not use ingredients, additives, or manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin.

Throughout the entire production cycle they do not use technological additives, filters, membranes, or other manufacturing auxiliaries obtained of animal origin.

They do not use food, ingredients, additives, or manufacturing auxiliaries, tested on animals.

They do not use food, ingredients, additives, or manufacturing auxiliaries, obtained from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) placed in the environment.

Products have traceable batch numbers and producer’s critical ingredients (regarding the possible components from animal origin in substance) that constitutes the product or the gastronomic preparation.